Hong Kong Trombone Association

Established in 2009, Hong Kong Trombone Association (HKTA) is a non-profit association of a group of passionate trombone enthusiasts aimed at education and promotion of appreciation in western brass music, in particular to trombone music and its entire related works, to the general public.  Through organizing performances, workshops, master classes and exchange programs, with local and overseas professional musicians and educators, HKTA is also dedicated to facilitate exchanges of players at different levels towards the advancement of professional music playing standards. The objects for which the Association was established shall be:

  1. To promote education and appreciation to western brass music, in particular to trombone and all its related works;
  2. To facilitate exchanges among local, and/or occasionally with overseas brass, in particular trombone players towards advancement of overall playing standard;
  3. To provide and/or solicit learning and performance opportunities for western brass, in particular trombone players;
  4. To establish and maintain linkage, correspondence and/or affiliation with other organizations of similar objects regionally and/or internationally;
  5. To host, organize, conduct and present lecture, forum, seminar, workshop, conference, symposium, contest, competition, concert, recital and/or event of any kind which is relevant and rightful towards the attainment of the objects of the Association.

HKTA organizes the annual SliderAsia Music Festival, which is a premier annual music festival for international trombonists and brass players of any levels and any age, as an annual must-attend get-together during summer.  Details can be found at http://www.SliderAsia.org/.

Our official website is at http://www.trombone.hk/.


Key milestones & upcoming events


  • May 29: Hong Kong Trombone Association was established and registered


  • July: HKTA Inaugural: Alexander ILES Master Class & Recital


  • March: Delegation to Eastern Trombone Workshop (Washington DC, USA)
  • June-August: Community Cultural Ambassador “Brass Band Showcase”
  • July: SliderAsia 2011 (Hong Kong)
  • August: Geneva Brass Quintet, Hong Kong Premier
  • October: Dr Don LUCAS Trombone Master Class


  • April: Dr Eric EWAZEN Hong Kong Visit
  • May: Brandt ATTEMA Duo Recital with Astrid HARING & Master Class
  • July: SliderAsia 2012 (Hong Kong), featuring Denson Paul POLLARD, Alexander ILES & Bradley PALMER


  • March: Friendly visits from Trombone section of the Chicago Symphony, featuring Michael MULCAHY & Charles VERNON
  • June: Delegation to International Trombone Festival (Georgia, USA)
  • July: SliderAsia 2013 (Hong Kong)
  • August: Delegation to Beijing International Trombone & Tuba Arts Festival (Beijing, China)
  • October: Friendly visit by Dr Martin MCCAIN & Dr Artina MCCAIN


  • July 7-13: SliderAsia 2014 (Hong Kong)
  • September 17-21: Guangdong/Hong Kong Trombone Quartet & Delegation to Daegu International Music Festival, Korea
  • November 13: Friendly visit by David Sze-kwan WONG, ex bass trombonist of Singapore Symphony Orchestra.  Hosted to exchange in Xinghai Conservatory of Music, China.


  • January 4-11: Friendly visit by Graeme MUTCHLER, bass trombonist of Utah Symphony Orchestra.  Recitals and masterclasses held in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.
  • March: HKTA has officially become an affiliated association to the International Trombone Association, being their 11th affiliate in the world, while 1st affiliate ever in Asia.
  • March: Micro-commissioning “The Tempest Concerto” by James M STEPHENSON, a concerto composed for Joseph ALESSI as solo trombone with trombone ensemble.
  • July 8-11: Delegation to International Trombone Festival (Valencia, Spain)
  • July 13-19: SliderAsia 2015 (Hong Kong)
  • August: HKTA Chairman Stanley CHEN has been officially appointed as Honorary Advisor to the China Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba Association, being the first official appointee to the Association outside of mainland China.



  • July 30-August 5: SliderAsia 2017 (Hong Kong)